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How to Rip Music DVD to MP3?

rip music dvd to mp3Want to rip music DVD to MP3 so that you can play the music DVD on MP3 portable player? Best DVD Converter is the nice mate for you. This practical program is the first-ranking ripper in the market. Its features come into hand especially when you use it to rip DVD to different kinds of videos or audio.

With concise interface, this powerful software is easy to handle and the time of ripping is very short which will save your time greatly. Besides, it has the ability of keep the original image and sound quality which will satisfy you a lot.

If you have interests in this program, you may free download this software here.

Tutorial: How to Rip Music DVD to MP3?

Step 1: If you finish the installation of the software, run it by clicking the shortcut of the desktop.

Step 2: Load DVD to the app by clicking "Load DVD" and the pick the DVD mode for the loading.

load dvd to the app to rip music dvd to mp3

Step 3: Go to the "Profile" to define the output quality and set place to keep the MP3 files in "Browse".

define the output quality and the place for converting convert dvd audio to mp3

Step 4: Just hit the "Start" tab to let the program rip music DVD to MP3 for you.

When it finish the ripping, there will be a popped-up screen to remind you. So you needn't worry about that. If you want to go through the journey by yourself, just free download DVD Ripper to have a free trial!

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